Looking to Make a Difference this Spring? These Island Escapes are Good For Helping Others AND Your Soul.

Some of the world’s most beautiful islands are also the greatest volunteering locations. If you choose service as a way to refocus your mind onto something larger than yourself, you can take a break in one of our partner communities and make a difference. Many tourist destinations keep their significant social problems out of public view. But, this may deny local people the help they need to thrive. Global Volunteers’ strives to provide service opportunities on development projects wherever and whenever they’re requested.  Spring 2019 dates are now open for:

Cook Islands, start dates on March 3 and 10, May 5, 12 and 19

Cuba, start dates on March 16, April 13 and May 18

Greece, start dates on March 16, April 6 and May 4

St. Lucia, start date on May 11

Call a Volunteer Coordinator to Register:  800-487-1074/651-407-6100

do-good island escapes

Every island has it’s own character. You can combine service with a do-good island escape every month of the year.

These do-good island escapes direct you to important work tutoring children and teaching English – all while you enjoy the cultural and scenic allure that make these destinations internationally popular. For instance, in 1988, our partners in the Cook Islands asked for help on programs to discourage youth from emigrating to New Zealand, and taking their talents and potential with them. Read on:

cook islands do-good island escapes

Savannah, volunteer in the Cook Islands, engages preschoolers in a reading lesson.

Cook Islands: Do-Good Island Escape in the South Pacific

The original Cook Islanders were a hearty and self-reliant Maori people, who traveled the seas to settle distant volcanic islands – and created a distinct, colorful culture reflecting the natural beauty of their homeland. But by the 1980s, the Cook Islands’ vitality was challenged by economic pressures – which drove the country’s youth abroad. Our work started at the very foundation of Cook Islands society – with the children, to ensure they have the sustained support and opportunities to keep them on the island when they mature. Today, you can tutor students in math and literacy, stimulate and encourage toddlers, and help paint and repair buildings at times – all while serving in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth!

do-good island escapes in St. Lucia

Young volunteer Bailey explains card game rules in a St. Lucia primary school.

St. Lucia: Do-Good Island Escape in the Caribbean

One of the top do-good island escapes – St. Lucia in the West Indies. Carefree and unspoiled, the island boasts the famous Piton spires and dramatic bays adored by international celebrities. But, even the cruise ports struggle with pockets of abject poverty. We began working with Anse la Raye’s schools and community organizations in 2012 to support and enhance children’s growth and competency. You can tutor and teach students of all ages in sunny classrooms. You’ll discover that although you’re surrounded by the most captivating scenery in the Caribbean, the most beautiful visions are the smiling faces of St. Lucian children!

crete do-good island escapes

A summer English language camp favorite for volunteers and students alike!

Crete: Do-Good Island Escape in the Mediterranean

The do-good island escape on Crete is unlike any other. The craggy and romantic shoreline reminds you of the fishing villages and olive groves of a simpler time. Ancient ruins echo the throbs of civilization’s birth. However, families living on this Mediterranean jewel have not fared well in a decade of failed economic policies. Since 1996, we’ve worked in partnership with local people to help re-build capacity at every level – starting with the youngest students. Teaching English to children of all ages combines the best of  an alternative break – purpose and escape into beauty!

Cuba do-good island escapes

Where else but in Cuba can you catch a salsa beat with a farmer in a community garden?

Cuba: Do-Good Island Escape off the USA Continent

The iconic scenes of Havana and rural Cuba – colorful salsa dancers, classic American automobiles, architecture of the Spanish and Moors – tell the story of a complicated history.  Since 2012, we’ve worked with our partners to support the Cuban people – their hopes, dreams, and goals.  Practice English conversation, encourage elders, work with farmers, assist with a craft co-op and help with labor projects. The bonus of true community service and people-to-people exchange is hard to match anywhere else in the Western hemisphere.

Students, Families and Couples Enjoy the Best of Island Culture

Whether you long for a laid-back vibe or a high-intensity Cuban beat, you can combine service with a true do-good island escape. At the end of every work day, and on weekends, you and your teammates have time to explore cultural, historical and natural attractions throughout the island.  Family volunteers:  See minimum age restrictions here.

  Contact a volunteer coordinator today to learn more!

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