Drone Photos of the Cook Islands

Anyone that’s experienced the Cook Islands knows that the crystal-blue waters and beaches there are simply off the charts. Global Volunteer Jedd Wasson captured these stunning drone photos of the Cook Islands during his free time.

Drone photos of the Cook Islands by Jedd:


Meet Cook Islands Global Volunteer Jedd:

The lifestyle of the Cook Islands was incredibly relaxed, which I fell in love with. It was so nice to escape the hustle of the cities here in the US. After volunteering at the school during the day, I would catch a bus to a beach somewhere on the island. (Read about Jedd’s volunteer experience here.)

Drone Photos of the Cook Islands by Jedd Wasson

Jedd Wasson, Global Volunteer in the Cook Islands

Because the island is pretty small, I was able to see and experience much of it. I did a cross-island hike with a fellow volunteer, went to an “island night”, and we also took a day trip to an outer island (Aitutaki).

Aitutaki was a true paradise on earth. It was by far the most remote and beautiful place I’ve ever been. The lagoon there is considered one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to witness it.

See more of Jedd’s photography on his Instagram. And read about his volunteer experience here.

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