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Volunteer in Poland

Volunteers say this is their dream working vacation.  Some have returned more than 30 times!  Our volunteer program in Poland enables you to teach English to youth who hold the nation’s future in their minds and hearts. Since 1990, we’ve offered genuine service opportunities, outstanding program management, Poland’s irresistible and colorful culture, exceptional cuisine, safe and historically significant lodging, unmatched landscapes and best yet – the most engaging students you’ve ever met! Review a standard volunteer work schedule.

  • Classrooms and Summer Camps

    Help lively students with English pronunciation, vocabulary, phrases and idioms in classrooms with elementary and middle school students during the school year in Siedlce, Cisie-Zagrudzie, Grala-Dabrowizna, Strzała or Kotun. In summer months, you join two-week English language “camps” – bridging summer break and the school year with skits, games, songs, field trips and imaginative activities in English. No previous teaching experience is required. Employ your creativity, energy and motivation to make learning English fun for students of all ages.  Use the Global Volunteers English Teaching Guide, teacher workbooks and a large resource library to plan your lessons and indulge your “inner teacher!”

FAQs: How to Volunteer in Poland

Food and Lodging

Your health and safety are our highest priorities in Poland. For programs during the school year, your “home” is Reymontowka, a beautiful restored manor house in Chlewiska, a hamlet outside of Siedlce. Some summer language camps are conducted at Reymontowka, and others are held in Zakopane, in the Tatra Mountains at a historically styled hotel in the countryside. Both lodges feature traditional Polish architecture and double-occupancy rooms with full bathrooms and hot and cold running water. Freshly-prepared meals are served on-site in communal dining rooms.

At Reymontowka:

  • Laundry facilities
  • Free wi-fi
  • Tennis court
  • Piano in common area
  • Library

At Zakopane:

  • Early 20th-century wooden chalet
  • Expansive mountain vistas
  • Large rural campus

Polish cuisine is hearty, healthy and distinctive. You’ll enjoy soups, salads and assorted meats with sauces (including wonderful sausage) served with a variety of breads, seasonal fruits and home-grown vegetables. Bottled water, coffee and tea are provided daily. Vegetarian diets can generally be accommodated.

“My perspective is from someone who sees the volunteers’ impact on Polish students. These young people are the leaders; the future of our country.  They are the second or third generation of people who learned English from Global Volunteers. Year after year, volunteers have transformed this community.”

“Global Volunteers are people whose support, kindness and commitment to volunteer work proved to be priceless in improving the quality of English language teaching. Classes taught by native speakers not only increase the students’ motivation to learn English, but also greatly enhance their ability to efficiently communicate in this language.”

“This gift of getting to know a foreign culture and acquire knowledge and skills in English through direct contact with volunteers is truly priceless. Their presence makes it possible for us to get to know the world better, to understand that when a person knows English, he or she is able to fulfill their dreams and there are no barriers that prevent their implementation.”

“Classes with Global Volunteers offer a unique opportunity for our students to improve their English language skills. In addition, meeting people from English-speaking countries helps the children develop the attitude full of openness and curiosity about the world.”

“Kids who grow up with Global Volunteers learn not only English but also openness to other cultures, respect and other important values promoted by the organization. In a few years, without doubt, many our students will reminisce about wonderful lessons with enthusiastic volunteers who wanted to share a piece of their hearts at our small school in Strzala.”

“The Polish staff invited us to dance their national dance, the Polonaise, on the last evening of the summer language camp. It sent chills up my spine, and put a lump in my throat. It felt like I was being welcomed into the family.”

“All of the students like to talk, dance, laugh and genuinely care about each other. At times I had difficulty differentiating whether I was in Poland or the United States when I observed students having fun. This experience demonstrated that I, and people like me, can make a positive difference in young people’s lives.”

“Our adventure with Global Volunteers in Poland was the highlight of our year, and we have had many pleasant memories of your staff, the other volunteers, and especially the students.  This program is an outstanding example of reaching hands across borders and introducing foreign students to the American culture.  It’s an enriching experience for both the students and their teachers.”  

Be The Change.

Through important, full-day volunteer assignments, cultural activities and time for personal adventures, you’ll learn about Poland and remain forever invested. Our time-tested and proven philosophy of service ensures your efforts help advance the host community’s vision and goals. You contribute to genuine development projects, and in doing so, you’re accepted as family. Our commitment to work in partnership on long-term community projects enables you, in just a short time, to serve as a critical link in a chain of volunteer support spanning three decades.

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