Health care professionals from all disciplines are needed for healthcare projects in Tanzania and Peru.  Global Volunteers new modern health clinic in Ipalamwa, Tanzania focuses on maternal and child health care, and offers services to nearly 20,000 local residents in 6 area villages. Most patients are pregnant women and children. Volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, lab technicians, dentist and health facility administrators are all needed to treat patients and support and mentor the clinic staff. In Peru, north  of Lima, volunteer professionals assist local practitioners in a variety of health care projects at a clinic run by Sagrada Familia.  The patients are 600 orphaned, abandoned or abused children, zero to 17, who reside at this large children’s home, and 700 day students who live in the impoverished adjacent community. In both countries, you are needed to provide patient care, assist at “well-baby” clinics; counsel patients, administer health screenings and checkups; teach basic health and wellness practices; and more. Translation is provided by our staff or bilingual students. Every health professional abroad makes a genuine and lasting difference on health care projects in the clinic and throughout the community.

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