Release your inner child at summer language camps. You’ll focus on English language training; engaging students of all ages.  You don’t need to be an experienced teacher to do this, but if you are, you’ll enjoy it just as much! These are informal and fun opportunities to tutor children, so teen volunteers can participate in all activities. English language summer camps are part of Global Volunteers’ SAT initiative – Students As Teachers. The camps are great “alternative summer vacations” for families, and educational complements to high school and university curricula. We provide a user-friendly Conversational English Teaching Guide, filled with lesson plans, songs, games, etc., – all to help you tutor children.

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Help supervise field trips, play and direct games, read story books, or teach a lesson on a topic of your choice. Direct children who have little else to do during the summer toward productive and educational activities.

You’re Needed Here:

  • USA – Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Montana
  • USA – Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota

Engage kids’ creativity and personal expression at a summer school program in June and July in Appalachia. Practice reading with students in grades 1 to 5. This half-day camp enables you to encourage, motivate and tutor children who often struggle in the classroom during the school year.

You’re Needed Here:

  • USA  – West Virginia

Help 6th grade students prepare for a national, high-stakes exam, where math and English knowledge determines which high school they will attend. Work under the guidance of counselors and teachers to mentor and tutor students during the summer. Use your creativity and life skills to tutor children to keep their learning momentum going.

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Global Volunteers
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