Volunteer Opportunities for Professionals

If you are a professional and would like to use your knowledge and skills to help struggling communities, you have your chance in Tanzania. Global Volunteers was recently asked to help at Iringa, Tanzania. The University of Iringa is seeking the help of professionals in all fields to help the institution and the students get a better education. There are many  volunteer opportunities for professionals right now. Let’s see how your professional skill can be used.

Once a professional applies for the service program in Tanzania, Global Volunteer’s staff shares the professional background of the volunteer with  the Dean of the University of Iringa. Then, based on the academic or institutional needs of the university, the Dean requests the volunteer’s help with various activities. For example, for a team serving right now in Iringa, Roger, a volunteer with a background in engineering, was asked to work with the Dean’s office to help develop plans for the land and building development,  use, and renovation.

Jennifer, another volunteer serving right now in Iringa, with a background in Finance & Accounting, has been asked to work with the Department of Business and Economics to read and review their curriculum and advise the department’s dean on courses related to finance/accounting to help students learn relevant skills before they graduate.

As you can see from the case of  Roger and Jennifer,  there are many volunteer opportunities for professionals right now in Tanzania. The question is, would you be willing to help students in Tanzania?

Volunteer Opportunities for Professionals

Street of Iringa, in Tanzania.

Volunteer Opportunities for Professionals

University of Iringa, where volunteers can serve using their professional skills.

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