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Observations on Teaching Experience in Portugal

Observations on Teaching Experience in Portugal

Observations on Teaching Experience in Portugal by Dot, 7-time Global Volunteer: My experiences in Beja, Portugal were with high school students – in school and via tutoring – and 7th graders. The high school students’ behaviors in Beja were similar to those of high school students in the United States (compared and contrasted with the […]


The Rooster of Barcelos

The Rooster of Barcelos

This is the fifth part to our series on Myths and Legends. Now in Portugal, here is the legend of the rooster of Barcelos One day in a northern town of Barcelos someone stole silver from a landowner. No one knew who the thief was, but they were all eagerly looking for him. When the […]

My Home Away from Home in Beja


by Joe Testa Beja has become my home away from home. I always look forward to returning year after year. Not only is it beautiful with its narrow cobblestone streets lined with whitewashed houses, the people are friendly, warm and eager to welcome you into their community. Their old fashion traditions will woo you. It […]

The Five Joys of Volunteering in Portugal

Why you should volunteer in Portiugal

Global Volunteers Jim and Mary Diel share their top 5 reasons for volunteering in Portugal. 1. The local people Working with the children and adults on their English studies is certainly a highlight of volunteering in Portugal (Beja). Eager, enthusiastic and respectful are just a few of the words that describe our interactions with these students. You’ll love […]


Free Time Adventures & Photos – in Portugal


by Scott Johnson One week of teaching has gone by in a flash. Beja continues to reveal itself as a beautiful city inhabited by warm and friendly people. Loretta and Scott (volunteer teammates) walked this afternoon to the super, supermarket in the shopping center to see Beja’s interpretation of the American Dream. Huge food market […]

Teaching English in Beja Portugal!

POR1509A1 Marcie Bissel Teaching in Classroom (13)

Our first day teaching in a Beja was without a doubt successful. All 5 of us had nothing but positive things to say about our experiences with our students. Claudia taught an enthusiastic group of 6th and 9th graders. Many students in her 9th grade class impressed her with their knowledge. One especially bright boy […]

An Overview of our Teaching Assignments

Joe’s intrepid band of volunteers had another good day continuing to work with students at several schools and also with one-on-one tutoring.  David reported that he and Noreen had a lively discussion with a 10th grade class who had formulated questions regarding the media and censorship in the U.S.    They also met with a 9th grade […]

“It’s All Coming Together”

Hard to believe that this is the beginning of our final week in Beja.  We know much more about this beautiful city, the surrounding areas, and the Portugese than we did just one week ago.  We all have mastered how to get to our schools and I’m pleased to say I finally know how to […]

Portugal Team #16 — Many Ways to Have a “Good Day”

Our nine seasoned teacher-helpers started out for our schools in a  heavy fog, but Lynn and I now know the way and no longer get lost. This was our longest teaching day. We had five classes in the morning, a regular class in the afternoon, and then a one-on-one session with students who needed special […]

Settling Into a Teaching Routine

During breakfast, Barbara read her Monday entry in the journal, followed by the team’s impressions about their 2nd day on the job. We reported back a variety of experiences, as our students range from very young pupils struggling to learn a few simple words, to older teens very able to discuss sophisticated subjects in perfect English, […]