Volunteers assist with informational campaigns on intestinal diseases to help combat infections.


Parasites can consume much of the nutritive value of the food and micro-nutrients children eat, resulting in a drastic loss in IQ. If worms get the food before the child does, it doesn’t matter if the food is nutritious. To combat this, WHO focuses on school educational campaigns for some of the most important interventions: nutrition education, health screening, health-related policies, and improving access to clean water and sanitary latrines. Schools are the hub for ridding children of parasitic worms in the most cost-effective way.

You help identify “at risk” schools using WHO’s simple, low-cost survey. Employ your skills to help with community and school student information campaigns and distribution of child deworming tablets requested by our community partners. At home, you can lend your assistance to expand our fundraising outreach to acquire deworming medicine where needed. Read more about volunteer service on these community projects.