Volunteers teach science, math, geography, computer literacy as well as English skills to students of all ages.

General Education

Providing an adequate education is beyond some communities’ capabilities, and requires more than teacher and student supplies, books and classroom space. An education enabling children to learn and progress requires clean water, sanitary facilities, fitness and recreational equipment and spaces, along with reliable, trained and stimulating teachers.

Volunteers help build, repair and expand schools and libraries, and provide direct assistance in classrooms – in effect, doubling or tripling the educational resource available to students. You serve in diverse environments including elementary, middle and high schools, universities, businesses, government agencies, and intensive conversational English language camps. Teach what you know by sharing experiences from a job, profession, school or hobbies, always working under the direction of headmasters, principals, and rectors, and fully cooperating with local teachers and staff. English is fundamental to life-long success, because English has become the international language of commerce, technology and opportunity. Working in classrooms – teaching English as a native speaker – you bring a world of opportunities to students of all ages.