Volunteers help the spread of deadly infectious diseases by encouraging and assisting with proper hand washing.

Health, Nutrition and Hygiene Education

There are very few simple solutions in human and economic development. But one is readily available to virtually everyone. Proper hand washing with soap and water is the world’s most cost-efficient and effective preventative health measure. Yet, only a fraction of our global population fully employs this life-saving practice. Latrines, clean water, and immunizations are necessary health initiatives. However, washing hands with soap saves more lives than any single vaccine or other medical intervention.

Perhaps the most important health contribution you make is to model proper hand washing in partner schools and throughout the host community. Repetition is key. Every volunteer team focuses on this health initiative in partner communities throughout the year. Your health care and health science background is employed to make disease prevention and hygiene practices relevant to teachers, students and their parents. Even if your skills are outside the health care area, you’re an important resource in all these efforts. Read more about volunteer service on community projects.