Volunteers mentor, guide and encourage girls to strive to reach their highest potential in all avenues of life.

Promoting Girl’s Education

Global Volunteers strongly supports girls’ education in all our partner communities. Because two-thirds of our volunteers are women, and the majority of our volunteers have taught in the classroom, women volunteers are especially effective role models for the equitable treatment of girls. UNICEF and the World Food Program promote the “Go Girls!” Education for Every Child campaign to raise awareness, public support and funds to help more girls attend school. With a global effort, cultures can change to encourage more families to allow girls’ school attendance.

You participate in curriculum development to help ensure that lessons are relevant for female students. You listen to girls’ stories, and help discern what resources are missing in their lives – and what knowledge, materials and tools can be appropriated and offered through schools to meet their needs. You talk to them about what life skills are required for them to accomplish their dreams. You can also sponsor girl students with fundraising efforts that pay for tuition, uniforms, books and educational materials. You open the world to girls by making education accessible.