Volunteers nurture and support children on service programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and in the South Pacific.

Psychosocial Support

Support and guidance from caring adults in schools, orphanages and children’s homes is vitally important to children’s health, growth and development. Sadly, more than 65 percent of children in developing countries don’t receive appropriate affection, affirmation, and mentoring from stable, caring adults – and often receive harsh physical punishment. To raise happy and well-adjusted children and teens, their basic psychosocial needs must be top of mind in every setting.

Working with children in daycare and pre-school centers, children’s homes and schools, you nurture and offer affection and recognition. You feed, bathe and diaper infants and toddlers, discourage physical forms of punishment, demonstrate appropriate discipline techniques, and help create environments where children feel affirmed and appreciated. Employ your professional skills or experience as a parent and/or grandparent to invest in children’s health and well-being.