Service Trips for Couples

Young couples, mature couples, newlyweds, 50+ anniversary couples, LGBT couples… All different kinds of couples join Global Volunteers to experience an adventure in service together. This is an opportunity to learn about a new culture and do something meaningful with your better half – all while growing closer. We offer service trips for couples in 17 countries for one, two or three weeks.

Learn from alumni couples! Alumni Global Volunteers couples can offer advice and inspiration.

Speaking from experience…

Gail and Bill on service trips for couples in Cuba:

Service Trips for Couples in Cuba

“Traveling together means that you never have to explain the experience to your closest friend. Stepping out of our comfort zone in Cuba enabled Bill and I to grow as a couple; to share an experience that drew us closer even after 45 years of marriage! Watching each other use our individual talents and gifts in Cuba was a gift to ourselves. As we look at our pictures, we smile because we don’t need words to describe where we’ve been. We already share the story.” Contact us for Gail and Bill’s contact information.

Alix and Ed on service trips for couples in Costa Rica:

Service Trips for Couples in Costa Rica

“I met Ed volunteering in Costa Rica. It was an unexpected joy to find someone who shared the same desire to help others. We quickly became comfortable together on the team.  That was more than 10 years ago – and we’re still together!” Contact us for Alix and Ed’s contact information.

Steve and Bethan on service trips for couples in Tanzania:

Service Trips for Couples in Tanzania

“Neither of us really knew what to expect and we were both pushed out of our comfort zones. This taught us something new about each other, a deeper understanding, and a greater respect. The trip gave us the opportunity to not just learn another culture or to travel somewhere we’d never been but to do something that mattered, together.” Contact us for Steve and Bethan’s contact information.

Keith and Tim on service trips for couples in Vietnam:

Service Trips for Couples in Vietnam

“Volunteering together is a great way to meet like-minded people coming together to make a positive change in the lives of others.  Spending the time a part of a community adds to the adventure and satisfaction of a job well done.” Contact us for Keith and Tim’s contact information.

Stephen and Barbara on service trips for couples in Peru:

Service Trips for Couples in Peru

“It’s very difficult to explain that this was not just a trip. It was a life-altering experience for both of us. We touched as many people as we could and made a difference in their lives. Sometimes we got so excited and charged up about our work, we couldn’t sleep at night.” Contact us for Stephen and Barbara’s contact information.

Don and Mickey on service trips for couples in the Cook Islands:

Service Trips for Couples in the Cook Islands

“As a couple, we were able to experience new friends, new food, new cultures, new adventures and lots of fun times.  Going on a working vacation has been far better at getting to know a new place than just going as a visitor.  Not having to cook our meals and do the dishes is also a nice bonus.” Contact us for Don and Mickey’s contact information.

Eric and Mimi on service trips for couples in Tanzania:

Service Trips for Couples in Tanzania

“Global Volunteers has made a big impact and my husband’s and my life. Thank you for starting this great organization and giving us the opportunity to be volunteer servants and friends to the Pommern, Tanzania community.” Contact us for Eric and Mimi’s contact information.

Did you know?

Did you know Global Volunteers was founded by a couple? Our Co-founders, Bud Philbrook and Michele Gran, “conceived” Global Volunteers on their honeymoon. Read the entire story here.

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