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Opportunities to make a genuine difference worldwide await you as a family! Global Volunteers is your safest, most affordable option abroad. To encourage service together, we offer family volunteer abroad discounts.  Refer to all international program discounts here. Further, as a 501-C3 tax-exempt organization, all program-related costs – including airfare – is tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers. This is the most affordable way for families to travel and volunteer together!

 See program locations worldwide here.

Volunteering as a family abroad can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Discounts on service program fees are available for two or more family members traveling together. Students also receive discounted service program fees.

Children 12 and under receive special family volunteer abroad discounts. One child (ages 6-12), traveling with one adult, pays 60% of the standard international program fee for all family volunteering programs except Poland summer camps. This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Each service program has minimum age requirements, so please refer to this guide for eligibility depending upon your child(ren’s) ages.

Our volunteer programs are led by staff and alumni who are trained in volunteer engagement, health and safety, host relations, and most important – delivering essential services to help children and families reach their full potential. The age-appropriate work assignments you and your family members accept are designed to maximize your capabilities.

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Meanwhile, you can read posts by previous volunteers who served with family written from the field on Global Volunteers programs worldwide. Start here:

Best Programs to Volunteer for

Global Volunteers is recognized for offering some of the best programs to volunteer for worldwide. This is largely because of our focus on sustainable development in all our partner communities. Many volunteering families, couples, students, groups and professionals plan their service by season – summer vacation, winter and spring breaks, and fall “shoulder” season up to a year in advance. One-, two- and three-week options are available for most programs. To help you select the best programs to volunteer for, we’ve recommended our most popular service opportunities by season.

For further assistance, please contact our volunteer coordinators to discuss details:  800-487-1074. Or chat here now!

Poland Family Volunteer Vacations

Summer Volunteer Vacations

By far, the greatest number of service opportunities are offered in June, July and August. During the summer months, you have the widest choices for tutoring, childcare, labor, health care, summer language camps, and related assignments worldwide. Families and groups of all compositions are welcome on all teams – children under 12 are permitted on many of these programs. Check minimum ages here. The best programs to volunteer for during the summer months are:

Summer language camps in Greece, Italy and Poland: These are “family friendly” service opportunities to join two-week English language “camps” – helping local youth keep their skills sharp during summer break to with fun activities in English such as skits, games, songs, field trips and the like. Team members emphasize “real-life” speaking skills using the Global Volunteers English Teaching Guide as a resource — no previous teaching experience is necessary.

Teaching teachers in China: This unique opportunity is appropriate for adults or families with older teens.  You contribute to a 2- to 3-week “staff development” English program for Chinese teachers of English.  Share conversations to help them improve their English pronunciation, and broaden their repertoire of English language games and activities to apply in their own classrooms.  Previous experience isn’t required  – but current and former teachers are great resources!

Hands-on projects in Appalachia and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation: These are great group and family opportunities to experience service together in spiritually rich and resourceful American communities. Do you like to “dig into” labor projects? These two programs are rich in opportunities to contribute to home repair, painting, and landscaping. Added to that, on the reservation, you can entertain elders, tutor and play with summer school students, serve meals, and nurture children at a crisis shelter.

Winter South of (or at) the Equator

When it’s cold in many climates, it’s balmy in the southern hemisphere. Our full menu of projects are available in December through March in Africa, South America and the South Pacific. For instance, you can care for children in Ecuador and Peru, teach conversational English, math, science, nutrition and health in Tanzania, work on English literacy, numeracy and math with students in the Cook Islands, and lend a hand on labor project in all four countries! Student volunteers of all ages can work with local students on a wide variety of projects; groups, families and solo volunteers work together alongside local mothers, children and community leaders to help bring needed improvements to the communities. This is also the time when holiday programs are scheduled around the world, so if you yearn for a more meaningful holiday season, we can help you meet your goal.

best programs to volunteer for in Tanzania

Fall and Spring Break With a Purpose

What can be more meaningful than nurturing disabled children in Romania, tutoring youth and supporting pregnant women and mothers in St. Lucia? Retirees as well as professionals and students in the areas of education, health and nutrition, nursing, physical therapy, early childhood development and related disciplines can apply their skills to help children reach their full potential in structured projects. Meanwhile, this is a good time to share English conversation with teens and adults in Cuba, contribute to community sustainability as a group in Costa Rica, or teach conversational English to teen and adult students in Mexico, Portugal and Vietnam. April to May and September to November are the most desirable months for visiting these countries. And, you’re in luck!  We offer programs at these optimal times to enhance your experience!

Do you like our suggestions, but prefer a different season for a program you see here? No problem! Most of our volunteer opportunities are scheduled year-round, so search for your specific dates and countries on our website. Work with a volunteer coordinator to plan your personal, family or group service program to meet your service preferences.

Other blog posts that can help you choose the best programs to volunteer for by time and project:

Christmas in India

Holiday of Service in Peru

Top Holiday Abroad Programs

Spring Break “Top 5”

Top 10 Summer Programs for Families

“Celebrate” Thanksgiving Abroad


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Alternative Spring Break Volunteer Programs

Instead of sitting on a couch, binge-watching Netflix and ordering pizza for an entire week,  imagine spending your spring break contributing to meaningful projects, developing unique friendships with people from around the world, and experiencing a new culture. (Sounds great, right?!) Grab friends, family, or classmates and prepare yourself for one of our life-changing alternative spring break volunteer programs.

Continue reading to learn about five popular spring break volunteer locations…

Costa Rica Alternative Spring Break Program

Alternative spring break volunteer program in Costa Rica

Join us in Costa Rica for an adventure in service! Plant a garden, paint a classroom, clear forest trails in the cloud forest region, teach conversational English, and motivate a student. Your contributions in Costa Rica as a Global Volunteer change lives in many ways. (Plus, the Costa Rican cuisine is simply delicious!)

Cuba Alternative Spring Break Program

Alternative spring break volunteer program in Cuba

As a Global Volunteer in Cuba, you promote civil society, support the Cuban people, and enjoy the true culture and daily life of Cuba – all in one or two weeks! Our community partners in Havana and Ciego de Ávila welcome you into their communities as family. This is the best way to experience and learn about this fascinating country.

Peru Alternative Spring Break Program

Alternative spring break volunteer program in Peru

Offer comfort and compassion to impoverished and abandoned youth on our service-learning program in Lima, Peru. You may never again feel so loved and appreciated! Other project opportunities include: English teaching, repair and maintenance, early childhood education, nutrition education, health care and hygiene education, tutoring numeracy and computer literacy.

St. Lucia Caribbean Island Alternative Spring Break Program

Alternative spring break volunteer program in the Caribbean

Our community partners in Anse la Raye, St. Lucia welcome you into their community centers, schools, homes and churches. Help primary school students with numeracy. Care for and stimulate children 1 to 5 years old through arts and crafts. Paint and help repair community buildings. And so much more! Plus, there is ample time available on evenings and weekends to enjoy this Caribbean island’s crystal-blue bays and soft sand beaches!

USA West Virginia Alternative Spring Break Program

Alternative spring break volunteer program in USA

You don’t have to jet-set across the world to be a Global Volunteer. Serve here in the U.S. on our alternative spring break program in West Virginia. Work one-on-one with children, teens, and adults on labor, education, and cultural projects – as a cherished volunteer in Appalachia.

Still not convinced?

Since 1984, we’ve engaged thousands of students in measurable and effective service-learning opportunities. Check out these reviews from previous student volunteers to read what they have to say about their experience. (In addition, you can choose to volunteer in any one of our 17 countries year-round – during summer vacation, J-term, or gap year!)

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Cheap domestic flights in Peru

Peru Country Manager Daniel Salazar talks about how the arrival of low-cost airlines has opened the door for cheap domestic flights in Peru. 

Thanks to the arrival of low-cost airlines for domestic flights in Peru, touring in Peru just got a lot cheaper. If you would like to visit Machu Picchu, you would have to flight to Cuzco. At current prices, you would have to pay around $120 each way, but now plain tickets start at $30 each way. That’s right, domestic flights in Peru may be cheaper than taxi rides in the U.S. Actually, they will be cheaper than travelling by bus. A bus ride to Cuzco takes 22 hours and costs around $50, while a flight takes only 45 minutes. So that’s a no-brainer.

What’s the catch?

As you may know, low-cost airlines compensate their lower costs with the elimination of many traditional passenger services. In this case in particular, the biggest difference is that passengers will only be allowed to carry up to 15 pounds. That’s not much, but considering the price difference, you might even be able to get new clothes from wherever you’re going and still save. If the luggage limitations and poorer service is a deal-breaker for you, you will still have many flight options including traditional first class.

Where should I go?

Besides travelling to Cuzco, there are many other gorgeous places to visit in Peru. If you like the beach, surfing, partying, and jungle expeditions, you can flight to Piura. If you would like to get deep into the amazon and do adventure sports, or just relax in the middle of a paradise, you should go to Iquitos. Finally, if you would like to visit a beautiful city in the highlands at the feet of a volcano, with a canyon more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, then you should visit Arequipa. All these cities and many more will be accessible with this new low-cost airline.

As if serving in Peru, meeting new people, and truly experiencing the culture wasn’t enough, now you have really cheap domestic flights in Peru. You can now more easily travel in Peru before or after your service program. No volunteer who has done it has ever regret it – and we’ve had hundreds. What are you waiting for? You have a whole new world to experience.

Cheap domestic flights in Peru

A monkey in Iquitos wonders why you haven’t come to Peru yet.

Cheap domestic flights in Peru

No matter where you are in the city of Arequipa, you can always see the majestic Misti volcano.

Cheap domestic flights in Peru

Arequipa has a beautiful colonial architecture.

Cheap domestic flights in Peru

Piura has many beautiful beaches you go to: this one is “Mancora.”

Cheap domestic flights in Peru

Piura also has forest and jungle.


volunteer abroad in college

College is a time when millennials are told that they are supposed to find themselves or a deeper purpose in life. For many young people, it can be a harrowing task to discover the “real world, ” especially when the real world isn’t much more than campus and home. But what if you volunteered abroad while in college to broaden your perspective and prepare yourself for the future?

If you’re a millennial in college and panicking that you’ll be thrown into the real world too abruptly, a short-term volunteer program abroad may be the perfect solution to help you acquire a deeper global understanding. Consider these real-world advantages of volunteering abroad:

1. Productive use of free time

Volunteering abroad is a great way to spend spring break, summer vacation, or J-term instead of sitting on a couch, binge-watching Netflix. You could be having the time of your life and making unforgettable memories rather than ordering pizza for an entire week. Teach English to peers in Monopoli, Italy. Care for mothers and infants on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Or glaze pottery in rural Cuba.

volunteer abroad in college

2. Lifelong friendships

Many lifelong friendships are made in college. Why constrain your relationships with campus? Bring your friends on a volunteer adventure with you, and take advantage of Global Volunteers’ Companion Discount by referring them to your program.

But, even if you travel solo, you won’t leave the program that way. Between bonding with your volunteer teammates and serving the local people, odds are you’ll make lifelong friends on this journey. It’s not uncommon for volunteers to return to the same community every few years because of the relationships formed.

volunteer abroad in college

3. Workplace advantage

It can give you an edge in the workforce. Volunteering is attractive on resumes and can even be the deciding factor between two otherwise identical applicants. Two people with the same work experience, same degree, and same age are likely to have a similar chance of getting hired. But a person with volunteer experience, especially abroad experience, has an advantage. They have a deeper cultural and worldly understanding.

volunteer abroad in college

4. Fulfillment

Serving and exploring a new country is an experience of a lifetime. The people you meet and the lives you touch (and vice versa) will be with you forever. Global Volunteers has engaged over 33, 000 volunteers in the past 32 years, and nearly 40% of team members return on another Global Volunteers program.

volunteer abroad in college

5. The warm and welcoming community

Global Volunteers offers safe and secure lodging and three meals a day. When you’re not volunteering, you have ample free time to participate in local activities and enjoy cultural attractions in the area. While Global Volunteers’ non-profit status prohibits us from planning your free time activities, our local staff can provide general guidance and advice – sharing a list of activities explored and enjoyed by previous volunteers.

volunteer abroad in college
You can learn more from previous student volunteers on Global Volunteers programs worldwide. Start with these selected blog posts, written by volunteers in the field:

Read more here about volunteering abroad in college,  student discounts, how to fundraise your program fee and travel costs. Or, click on the button below to chat with a Volunteer Coordinator.

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Arizona High School Students in Costa Rica

A team of 34 Arizona Fountain Hills High School students and chaperones united with Colegio students on Global Volunteers’ high school group volunteering program in Costa Rica. Working together, they carried out maintenance on the forest trails on campus – an outdoor classroom at this ecotourism-focused school, shared the “pura vida” culture in Monteverde, learning about commonalities in their teen lives. The students cleared the forest floor to maintain the walkways and create new pathways, shoveled and bagged gravel, and delivered it to the places where we the trails needed it. The group was surprised by how much they were able to contribute to the labor projects, and how much they learned about different work styles and expectations. Ticos (Costa Ricans), they said, balance exertion and rest – and don’t fall victim to unrealistic time pressures.

Read an expanded post by the students in Costa Rica.

Kiley, Fountain Hills High School senior,  elaborated:

“This experience gave me a better sense of empathy and a solidified understanding that the way things work can be very different and still be 100% right… it becomes much harder to dehumanize a culture when you immerse yourself and see the people as people who are similar to those you know.”

A highlight was some dancing in the school gym. The high school students mixed, enjoyed salsa music, and practiced Latin dance steps with each other. They also were intrigued by the ecological diversity of the Monteverde region – observing (and sometimes capturing!) critters of all sorts – some exotic, some common – frogs, birds, insects,  beetles, porcupines, snakes, two-toed sloths, and a kinkajou (an arboreal nocturnal mammal).

These images from Fountain Hills’ High School group volunteering in Costa Rica captures the students’ service, learning, and free-time experiences. Costa Rica was the school’s second group volunteering program with Global Volunteers. Read more about Fountain Hills’ high school volunteer abroad program in St. Lucia.


Interested in learning more?

The next step is to chat online with one of our Volunteer Coordinators about opportunities for a high school group volunteering in Costa Rica (or in one of our other 16 volunteer program locations). We’re ready to assist you with project descriptions, travel questions, registration guidance, and other program details. Let the adventure in service begin!

Chat online about high school group volunteering in Costa Rica

While on your Global Volunteers adventure in service in Ecuador, you can take your free time to explore Quito and the countryside. Nestled high in the Andes Mountains, Quito is the capital of Ecuador. Due to its very well-preserved colonial center, it was the first city ever to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll fall in love with Quito’s Old Town with its cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, neo-gothic Basilica, colonial balconies, and outdoor cafés. You and your teammates stay in the contemporary part of Quito, close to beautiful parks and more modern conveniences. Quito is surrounded by snow-capped volcanoes that, as Ecuadorians commonly say, are vain and so can often be seen. Here is a picture of beautiful Cayambe Volcano from Quito taken by our Ecuador Country Manager:


On the weekends, you can explore the countryside on day trips an hour or two outside of Quito. You can visit volcanic hot springs, Cotopaxi National Park, Mindo cloud forest, Otavalo indigenous market, Cuicocha Lagoon, and a town famous for its leather products, just to name a few. Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and so if nature and wildlife is your thing, you will never be bored here. Ecuador is also one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Latin America with over 20 different nationalities in a country about the size of Colorado. You can learn about Ecuadorian culture, heritage, and language while volunteering in Ecuador. Take a look at these gorgeous photos of this little country in South America that holds so much beauty!


Explore Greece as a family

Global Volunteers salutes Andy, Lucy, Anna and Alice Kligerman,  who have served twice as a family on the island of Crete, in Greece,  where they taught conversational English to summer camp students. It is obvious they made learning productive and fun for their students and each other!

Andy writes:

“We selected the teaching program in Crete, because we thought that would be best for our family consisting of myself, my wife and two teenage daughters.  We didn’t think any of us wanted to be involved in strenuous physical labor in the summer. We also wanted to interact with the children and parents of the area, and we felt that teaching conversational English was the best skill we could impart, as our skill sets in other areas might not be as good. We also wanted to be role models and hopefully give a good impression of Americans.

Explore Greece as a family - Teach English

One of the most satisfying aspects of our interactions with the children was teaching them games such as kick-ball and playing soccer with them. Staying at the Hotel Handakas was a great experience because we were treated as family and would spend the evenings interacting with the extended family of the owners. I would highly recommend the experience for anyone!”

Global Volunteers Greece Country Manager, Sam, noted:

“Andy, as usual, you were successful engaging the 3rd graders in activities that helped them learn and practice speaking English. Your giant monster art project was a delight for the children and enjoyed by all, especially George!

Lucy, once again, you were a fabulous team member and “in your element” assisting the 4th graders with their conversational English. You kept the children well engaged and were an honest referee when it came to kick ball!

Teach English in Greece

Anna, you were just a delight to have on the team again this year. Your enthusiasm and energy were just what the 3rd graders needed to engage them in speaking English. You were always on the go and ready to play with the children at every recess and the girls adored you!!!

Alice, you decided to continue where you left off last year, so you took on the same class of students as last year. The children were so excited to see that you had returned to help them practice their English again. The friendship you began with Natalia last year became even stronger with your volunteer service again this year.

Andy, Lucy, Anna and Alice, you made learning to speak in English so much fun for the kids and they loved you! Many thanks for reaching out in love and service to the children of Crete.”

Photos of the two daughters, Anna and Alice:


Want to learn how you can volunteer abroad as a family?

Visit our Volunteer as a Family page to learn more about family volunteering opportunities worldwide, or request our family volunteering tip sheet to get started (form below).


Send me a family volunteering tip sheet.

High School Volunteer Abroad

Searching for summer, spring or holiday break service-learning programs?

Look no further than Global Volunteers’ life-changing, world-changing high school volunteer abroad program. Global Volunteers excels in high-school service-learning opportunities. This is because the long-term community development projects students work on are directed by local leaders, managed by development experts and completed by working hand-in-hand with local children and adults. Over three decades, we’ve engaged thousands of students in projects to help children on six continents reach their highest potential.

High School Volunteer Abroad in Tanzania

As Global Volunteers, students obtain “hands-on” educational, cultural, and occupational experience unavailable through a cultural or study tour. Students who cite their service with Global Volunteers – Granddaddy of the volunteer vacation movement – on a college application or resume are recognized as driven, culturally aware leaders.

Much can be learned from Arizona’s Fountain Hills High School volunteer abroad experience. In the past few years, nearly 60 Fountain Hills students served with Global Volunteers in St. Lucia and Costa Rica. While others chose the beach or pool for their spring break,  the Fountain Hills students transformed their good intentions, curiosity, and adventurous spirit into genuine and useful assistance.

Fountain Hills High School Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica

In addition to volunteering, the Fountain Hills students also experienced the cultural and natural attractions of the host country – visits to coffee farms, wildlife walking tours, exploring the local beaches, plus more. We have you covered if you’re searching for a meaningful, educational, and fun service-learning program!

What type of high school volunteer abroad projects are available?

The type of volunteer work students can do depends on (1) what our host communities have requested from us AND (2) the preferences of your group. Global Volunteers’ unique vision and philosophy of service require volunteers to work at the invitation and under the direction of local community partners – and one-on-one with local people. While remaining faithful to this philosophy of service, we will also do our best to tailor to your preferences.

In many cases, the students in your group may have a mixed skill set. This is wonderful! We allow our volunteer groups to work on a variety of projects – some students can teach conversational English at the local secondary school while the other students head off to a construction project on a local building.

High School Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica

Where can high school volunteer groups serve?

We can accommodate a high school volunteer abroad group on almost any of our 17 service programs around the world: China, the Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, St. Lucia, Tanzania, the United States, and Vietnam. Just let us know where, and we will do our best to make it happen!

The length of your stay can be between 1 and 4 weeks, with free time in the evenings and on the weekends. That’s when you will be able to add cultural activities and excursions!

What about funding? How can my school afford this?

The lessons learned and the skills gained through participating on a Global Volunteers service-learning program are unique – they’re hands-on and cannot be replicated in a classroom. Many states value these opportunities for their students, and do their best to ensure they’re affordable for all. Global Volunteers’ programs meet the requirements for service-learning credit programs.

The State of Arizona’s Department of Revenue provides a full credit to tax-payers who make a contribution to a public school for support of these types of extracurricular activities or character education programs. Because our service-learning fees qualify as an approved educational program, this credit covers the cost of students’ participation! Click here for details about “Credit for Contributions Made or Fees Paid to a Public School.”

Why choose Global Volunteers? We’re serious about service.

High School Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica

Global Volunteers pioneered short-term international volunteer programs in 1984 – mobilizing volunteers on sustainable community development projects around the world. To date, we have engaged over 32, 000 volunteers in 34 countries. Our educational partners choose us because:

  1. We adhere to a strict “Safety trumps everything policy.”
  2. Our international development focus ensures the integrity of our work.
  3. We commit to lasting partnerships with local communities.
  4. We help students achieve their learning objectives through authentic community experiences.
  5. Our volunteer satisfaction rating exceeds 95%.


Get inspired with this volunteer-created video from our India service-learning program, visit our Student Volunteering website page, and then chat online with one of our Volunteer Coordinators about our high school volunteer abroad opportunities. We’re ready to assist you with project descriptions, travel questions, registration guidance, and other program details. Let the service-learning adventure begin!

Chat online about High School Volunteer Abroad opportunities

How to Volunteer Abroad as a Group

In addition to individual volunteer work projects, Global Volunteers also provides genuine opportunities to volunteer abroad as a group and contribute to long-term development projects. Over the years, we have mobilized hundreds of volunteers on organized group programs. We can customize for a range of group sizes starting at 6 and up – in 17 countries across 5 continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America.

We’d like to engage your group in meaningful community service projects. Your group – University or college, high school, workplace colleagues, families, church or civic committees, Global Volunteers alumni, friends and neighbors, and the like – is a valuable resource to our community partners. We can work with you on a schedule and an assignment that best meets your volunteering goals!

Why volunteer abroad as a group?

When you volunteer abroad as a group, you can obtain educational, cultural, and occupational opportunities that can’t be duplicated through a traditional “tour” experience. Plus, you will learn about each other (and yourself!) in a non-traditional way as an intact volunteer group.

Volunteer abroad as a group

As a team, you will connect with people who need and want your assistance on important development projects – like Indian English teachers, Tanzanian health care aids, Romanian care-givers, and Cuban construction workers – and then learn first-hand about their culture and traditions while also providing essential services to the people you serve.

What does Global Volunteers consider a “group”?

A Global Volunteers group contains individuals who simply want to volunteer together. You could be a group of like-minded friends looking for a meaningful Summer or Spring Break, a family seeking to connect on a new and deeper level, or maybe a corporation wanting to gain teamwork skills on a unique adventure.

We also work with high school and university volunteer groups on a variety of different projects. Our Volunteer Coordinators work with you and our in-country team to ensure we can customize a program to fit with your group’s particular skills or area of study as best as possible.

Volunteer abroad as a group

We have a group! Where can we go and what type of volunteer work can we do?

You can volunteer abroad as a group in almost any of our 17 service programs around the world! Just let us know where, and we will do our best to make it happen. The length of your stay can be between 1 and 4 weeks, with free time in the evenings and on the weekends. That means you will be able to add excursions and cultural activities as well.

The type of volunteer work you will do depends on (1) what our host communities have requested from us AND (2) the preferences of your group. Global Volunteers’ unique philosophy of service requires volunteers to work at the invitation and under the direction of local community partners – and one-on-one with local people. While remaining faithful to this philosophy of service, we will also do our best to tailor to your preferences. For example, a group of Medical students might prefer to work with the local health care aids, so we would then connect with our in-country team to find the available and useful opportunities.

In many cases, your group may have a mixed-skill set. This is wonderful as well! We allow our volunteer groups to work on a variety of projects – part of your group can teach conversational English at the local secondary school while the other part of your group heads off to a construction project on a local building.

Volunteer abroad as a group

What about money… How do other groups afford this?

Is fundraising right for your group? Many of our volunteer groups have been able to raise enough money to cover their entire service program fee. So if your group decides to cover the program fee through donations, we’ll help you along the way with our online fundraising page! We’ll also provide helpful tips, creative strategies, success stories, and more. You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve as a team!

Let your local newspaper, school, church, etc. know that you’re going to volunteer abroad as a group – especially if you’re fundraising. The more awareness you raise, the more support you’ll gain!

Volunteer abroad as a group

And the adventure begins…

Once you arrive in-country, our local team will welcome your group at the airport. Within no time, we are confident that you will feel quite comfortable and safe at your “home away from home” – given the support from our dedicated and experienced local team, delicious local cuisine, and comfortable accommodations. Let the volunteering begin!

We encourage you to share your experiences with others around the world throughout your volunteer journey. From the moment you sign up to volunteer abroad as a group to 6 months later when you’r reminiscing about your adventure, use #GlobalVolunteers on your social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! Your experiences can inspire others to follow in your footsteps by organizing their own Global Volunteers group.

Ok, we’re ready to pack our bags!

The next step is to chat online with a Global Volunteers Volunteer Coordinator. We look forward to assisting you in this exciting volunteer adventure! In the meantime, read about the experiences of others groups on our blogs.

Chat online about how to volunteer abroad as a group