Global Volunteers' Alumni Program

Five reasons to join Global Volunteers’ Alumni Program:

   1.  To significantly reduce your service program fee

You have the opportunity to spread the word about Global Volunteers by sharing your unique volunteer story with friends, family, neighbors, school groups, and colleagues AND earn credit for your next service program – as a thank you from us to you for your time and talent. You could be on your next service program for virtually free before you know it.

   2.  To share the “Gift of Service” discount with friends and family

Not only will you benefit financially, but so will your referrals! Your recommendation is worth a $200 service program discount to every new volunteer you refer. Give this “Gift of Service” discount to anyone you think might be interested in volunteering. There are no limits!

   3.  And you’ll be tremendously helping the host community!

So far, you will receive Global Volunteers credit, your referral reduces the program expenses for your friends and family, but most importantly, the communities we serve get much needed volunteers.

Global Volunteers' Alumni Program

   4.  Because you’ll get to talk about your volunteer experience as much as you want!

When most volunteers return from their service program, they can’t stop talking about it. They feel inspired and want others to experience what they did. This is a perfect opportunity talk and share your story as much as you want!

   5.  To help with career and educational goals

Adding “Global Volunteers’ Alumni Program” to a resume, LinkedIn profile and college/job application could put you a step ahead of your peers. Two people with the same degree, work experience and age are likely to have a similar chance at getting accepted/hired. But a person showing commitment to volunteering, especially volunteering abroad, has an advantage. They have a deeper cultural and global understanding.

View our Alumni Program page to learn more about joining the team. Or, email Dana Faust, our Volunteer Engagement Manager, at to get started. We look forward to working with you!

Learn more about Global Volunteers' Alumni Program

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