CHI0911A1 Brenda Pearson

Brenda with Chinese teachers

Global Volunteers salutes Brenda Pearson, who has served on 9 Global Volunteers service programs since 2008, beginning with Mexico. From there Brenda was “hooked” on Global Volunteers and went on to serve in China, Portugal, St. Lucia, Vietnam and Poland (4 times). Brenda is noted for her professionalism, easy going and gentle nature, optimism, flexibility, kindness, ability to get along with everybody and warm smile that melts down even the coldest of hearts.

Brenda writes:

To me Global Volunteers has it all, great staff, knowledgeable Team Leaders and Country Managers, doing a wonderful job helping people like me to travel and serve in areas of great need, teaching English and working on needed community projects. For the first time since I have been with Global Volunteers I served in the same country (Poland) for 2 consecutive summers and it was a wonderful environment! I hope to continue my service with this organization forming new relationships and serving others.”

Dorota Wierzbicka, our Poland Country Manager, had this to say about Brenda’s service teaching conversational English to student language campers in Poland:

POL1308A2 Brenda Pearson (70)

Brenda at Reymontówka in Siedlce, Poland

“Once again, Brenda was an exemplary, very seasoned Global Volunteer and a very thoughtful, patient teacher of two groups of students at Reymontówka English camp. She created many wonderful lesson plans that were greatly enjoyed and appreciated by her students. The children were very fortunate to have such a creative teacher working with them!”

Pam Cromer, the Global Volunteers Volunteer Team Leader who led Brenda’s team to Vietnam noted:

“I enjoyed working with Brenda again and it was a pleasure to have her on this team. She was always flexible, enthusiastic and good natured, no matter what was presented before her. Mrs. Van Angh loved having Brenda work with her children, who gleefully showed their appreciation by the personal good bye cards they made for her. Brenda even climbed six flights of stairs, at the end of some days, to observe the talent show where the students participated.” Pam looks forward to having Brenda join her on another Global Volunteers adventure!

Brenda thank you for all you have done and continue to do to help young people all over the world achieve their full potential!

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