Engage Cuba as Few Have – Volunteering and People to People Activities

Enjoy Cuban culture and get to know her people up close and personal. The following people-to-people activities are only offered in Havana.

Note: There is an additional fee for these activities. One-week volunteers on Ciego de Avila programs do not visit Havana. However, volunteers who serve for 12 days in Ciego de Avila can add on 2 days of people-to-people activities in Havana at the end of the service program for $200. Volunteers who serve for one week in Havana can also add on 2 days of people-to-people activities in Havana at the end of their service program for $300. (Fees for people-to-people activities are not tax deductible.)

Ernest Hemingway Museum
Tour Ernest Hemingway’s enchanting home and beautiful grounds on the outskirts of Havana. Discover how his love of the island and the Cuban people influenced his writings and passions.


Arte Corte
Visit with successful community entrepreneurs and see how they developed a barber shop, hair salon and school amidst an artist gallery and veterinary service. Private projects like these are redefining Cuba today.


Witness some of the most unique and interesting art in Havana. Created by local artists, this community-based enterprise offers colorful folk art, billboards and tapestries overflowing with whimsical characters, both human and animal.

Old Havana
Walk through the oldest neighborhoods in Havana, learn about the remarkable architecture, and enjoy a cup of Cuban coffee while sitting outside on the cobblestone walkway of the café.


US and Cuba Relations
Learn about the history and current status of Cuba and US relations from one of Cuba’s most captivating historians. Share in a conversation between volunteers and Cuban educators. You may be surprised by the answers to your questions.


And there is more—

Nine days or two weeks in Cuba allow you to do all of this, plus engage students and young adults in interesting English conversations which helps them improve their English capabilities and better realize their hopes and dreams; work alongside local women on a sewing/knitting circle; repair community buildings that enhance important activities of civil society; and/or work in the community garden that provides fruits and vegetables for preschool age children and seniors.

Global Volunteers’ Cuba NOW! Cubans and Americans together—building bridges over which our governments can walk.



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