Exquisite Cuba Photos

Our Cuba volunteer program centers around the Cuban people – their hopes, dreams and goals. We’ve worked with our community partners since 2007. This is a landmark opportunity to volunteer in Cuba and live among the Cuban people!

“It was a wonderful trip. I really appreciated all the efforts made in terms of cultural lectures and presentations, in addition to our talks with community members, to help us feel as if we were part of the community. Our team leader, Stephanie Caro, was exceptional and the community partners at the Presbyterian Church – the pastor Ludmila – and Adrián really went above and beyond to help make us feel welcome.”

-Stephanie, Cuba Global Volunteer

These colorful Cuba photos taken by Stephanie will make you fall in love with this warm and charming culture… Before you know it, you’ll have your bags packed!

45 Exquisite Cuba Photos:


Ready to start your adventure in service to Cuba?

Visit our Volunteer in Cuba website page. Or, chat online with one of our Volunteer Coordinators! They’re ready to assist you with project descriptions, travel questions, and other program details. Soon you’ll be sharing your own Cuba photos with YOUR friends and family.

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