Biggerstaff teaching conversational English

The first Global Volunteers team to Cuba was Glenda Biggerstaff’s fourth Global Volunteers program overall. However, even with her past experience, this was going to be a brand new adventure for her – not only because she would be one of the nation’s first legal American volunteers to Cuba, but also because she decided to share this unique journey with her 19 year old grandson, Andrew Salmon. Biggerstaff wanted to give Salmon the experience of genuinely learning about and connecting with another culture, and that is exactly what was accomplished.

They both greatly valued the opportunity to teach conversational English to the students in Ciego de Avila. “I love all of these students, ” says Biggerstaff, “I almost feel as if I am leaving behind my sons. This was my most memorable project.”

Although this service program marked the beginning of a long-term relationship between Cuba and the US, Salmon said that “any onlooker would have a hard time believing they were part of this community for only a week.” Salmon adds,  “If everyone could just show a fraction of the generosity and selflessness the citizens of Ciego de Avila have shown us, the world would be a much better place.”


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