Tuesday, January, 25

** La Molina **

Written by: Volunteer Theresa

Quote for the Day: “When ending a day you should never say “I could have”, “I should have”, or “I would have”. At the end of the day you should always say “I did”. ~ Author Unknown

The La Molina team finally toured the campus. Our Guide Giovanni was great. He was from the advanced English class.

The UNALM specializes in agrarian and environmental sciences and technologies. It is the only Peruvian University with a graduate school which offers 6 Doctoral Degrees and over 20 Masters Degree Programs, Environmental Engineering, Forestry, Meteorology, Economics, Biology, Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Engineering are a few of the programs offered. There are many research and extension programs as well.

We visited the Dairy Herd, which produces milk to sell and use for cheese, cream, butter, ice cream and yogurt. We could not resist lucuma ice cream on the spot which tastes liked butter pecan. Thank you Arturo for treating the team. In addition to cows they have goats, poultry, guinea pigs, swine, llama, alpaca and sheep.

We visited the produce and meat market. They also sold herbs and cosmetics. There was a bakery that specialized in sweet potato bread. W e saw a variety of ornamental plants. All these items were harvested or made on campus. Oh well it’s back to class.

The three language classes met today as a group for a songfest. The words to the songs were given out and vocabulary discussed before we met. Marcia borrowed a guitar and led the group of students, staff and office personal in song and the rest is history. Needless to say, a rousing good time was had by all, an event that will be remembered.

All classes continue to work on vocabulary, enunciation and pronunciation. The intermediate and advanced groups worked with idioms and grammar. The basic worked with pronouns and possessives. All classes encourage talking, talking, talking. The advance group is individualizing to help students with letters, papers etc. Our students continue to improve and the teachers continue to be proud of that improvement.

Editor’s Note: Theresa brought 52 magazines donated by her library, with titles such as Horticulture, Scientific American, Popular Science, Horse and Rider Etc. They were so valued by her students! Each student in all La Molina English classes left with 1 or 2 magazines, a gift that seemed to take their breath away. An American magazine would cost a great deal in Peru and are almost impossible to find. Thank you Theresa!

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