Monday, Oct 15, 2012
Behind every cloud is a rainbow

The start of another week—a hearty breakfast by Rani of hard boiled egg, chutney, and we were ready to face the day.  Today, I spent the morning at St. Thomas Hospital helping Sister Metilda and the other staff working with children with a variety of chronic conditions—autism and cerebral palsy were the main ones I saw this day and what  I would generally call developmental delays of various forms/degrees.    I was asked to work with 2 different children during the morning—first was a 5 year old boy with cerebral palsy; then I had a 5-month old child with cerebral palsy.    The family members were involved in the sessions as well.

After lunch, Sheeba and I went for a short walk in the neighborhood—in search of fresh chicken as I wanted a picture of the places that sold such.   Well, it was a new moon, so very few people eat chicken on this day, so the shop was closed.  We stopped at the grocery store instead.   Sheebe also showed me some of the various coins that are used in Indiaas well.  The afternoon at Grace, I had the 1st (2 students) and 3rd (3 students) during my sessions.   The later afternoon session was at SEAMS as usual.  The children seemed a bit more squirrely today, but we still managed to get a little learning done.

At supper, we had poori (a bread fried in oil ) with the chicken  curry and vegetables.  Later this week, I will have a cooking lesson for some of the Indian foods.   Ready or not, I have a feeling this second week will go fast.

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