Thought of the Day: “One generation plants the trees, another gets the shade.” –Chinese Proverb

The quote is perfect. It so conveys a begger picture of the collective purpose of Global Volunteers. When I first explored the possibility of serving as a volunteer, I wondered how the children at PPA adapted to so many different people coming to volunteer. It seemed as if life would feel like one giant revolving door with people moving in, staying for a very short amount of time and then moving on. I imagined that children might need to protect themselves with so many hellos and goodbyes, and perhaps be reluctant to embrace yet another group of volunteers. What I have come up understand is that the children look forward to each and every new team. Although each child I have met has a unique personality they have opened their hearts t the 59th team. And then will continue to open their hearts to each team that follows us. The words that our team leader expressed during our Sunday orientation come to life when you experience the history that has been built by prior teams. It is like each volunteer works and plays with certain children never knowing exactly what the impact will be. We all place several more bricks in the foundation of a growing and developing child but we most likely will never get to see the child again.
I can only hope and trust that sweet little Fabian will know that just as I have cuddled him in my lap on the long taxi ride to the deaf school that the next volunteers will as well. If you are lucky enough to spent time with Fabian you will soon learn that his smile and giggle will be one of the absolute best parts of your day. If each of us can work to strengthen the muscles of the children who need it, bring siblings together to play and enjoy each other, struggle with the high school girls as they learn more English, tuck just a few more toddlers into bed at night. If we can do our volunteer tasks with love and kindness for the children we have come to care deeply about them we have indeed contributed and we will have succeeded in placing a few more bricks to build a brighter future for the children who will undoubtedly wrap their hands around your heart just as they have done to me..and all in such a short time. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything! I feel honored to have worked with and been a brief part of the lives of the children and staff of the PPA and Global Volunteers. They provide the mortar that makes our contribution possible.

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