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Photos of Miraflores that Will Make You Want to Go to Peru

photos of miraflores that will make you want to visit Peru

When you visit Peru, you would most likely stop at Miraflores at least once. Miraflores is one of the most beautiful, safe, clean, and tourist-friendly districts in Lima, and where Global Volunteers teams are housed. It combines the modernity and comfort of upscale malls, the historic importance of its archaeological sites, and the beauty and […]

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Helping at Peru’s Largest Children’s Home


Reflections by Jody, on volunteering at PPA, Peru’s largest children’s home. Today was our first official day on the job at PPA (Puericultorio Perez Aranibar) for my husband David and me – and the rest of our team. Personally, the enormity of the facility itself, coupled with the beautiful architecture and the state of disrepair was somewhat overwhelming. […]

Global Volunteers Team 2011:Profile Madison

This is Madison. She is 12 years old, comes from San Diego, CA. Loves horses and dogs. She is volunteering with Global Volunteers at the Sta.Elena Community Center for two weeks in Costa Rica. She has inventoried and labeled the center’s belongings, like 165 chairs. She has also painted the supply room in a yellow […]


Consider Tanzania this Summer

If you’re still deciding what service program may be right for you this summer, please consider Tanzania! Below you will find a journal entry from a Summer 2010 volunteer describing the Orientation and settling in process at the front end of a volunteer service program with Global Volunteers. Read on and get inspired for a […]

Service and See Nature

Our Service Program hours run from 8am to 4pm. Despite the ample work service schedule volunteers find time to enjoy local attractions. This fine specimen , known as the Mot Mot bird was spotted just right outside the Coop before a workday. He was waiting for the gardener to finish cutting the grass, a nice […]

3 Kings or Queens make it to Christmas Celebration

Our Three “Queens” of CASEM , Alice, Margaret and Roseann, surprise the team of volunteers with costarrican treats during Christmas/Goodbye to first weekers celebration. They are hard at work supporting the local Womens´Craft Coop. Everything from culinary expertise in making plans for the café that is about to open, recipes , to gardening and pricing […]

First Weekers say Goodbye to Cebadilla

After a week of digging , Ryan says Good-bye to Minor and received a little token in appreciation of all his hard work. Sister Jess was here to support with major earth digging and rock placement for the septic tank system. Oh Canada!!

Emeline second time in Global Volunteers Service Program

Emeline Contreras lives in San Francisco and works in Palo Alto, California. She is now in her second volunteer abroad service in a consecutive year in Costa Rica with her 11 year old son! She helped dig and clear the community service in Cebadilla, she hauled wheel barrows of cement and translating spanish-english extensively!! Thanks […]

December 2010,First Team , the day of the dig

Team Journal Day 2 8:00am The two shuttles arrived on time to take us to the Cebadilla village and CASEM. Group 1 consisted of Margaret, Alice and Rosanne traveling to CASEM. They were greeted upon their arrival in a very friendly manner. Their first task was sanding of the tables which were made from slabs […]

December 2010 , First Team of 2011, Arriving

On the left: Amy shows progress on the first day in Cebadilla Community Center. Team Journal Saturday 12-18-10: dinner reception The adventure started with a nice sit down informal dinner at Las Orquideas. The night was pretty quiet, but to be expected because most people were jet lagged and none of us knew each other […]