This morning I wake up to a another tasty breakfast by mama Tony  At 9:30 I’m off to school to meet my Tanzanian daughter and teacher Ajuae . Its back to geography teaching . I really get the feeling the kids are understanding more of what I say. After teaching I’m back buying candy, super glue, batteries and a full box of Obama Gum. Then back to the mission house for lunch . After lunch I decide to go looking for Moses , since we were to do some construction work. Rumor was he went to the Catholic mission . On my way there I did a little socializing with the town citizens, eventually bumping into Moses . Moses asks me to follow him . I followed him for fifteen minutes, no idea where were going, no thought of even asking. Finally we stop at Moses’ home, one that he shares with two friends. I always wandered what it may look like inside one of these homes. What I find is really just one step up from homelessness. No chairs no tables, just one dilapidated bed shared by 3 people. After that we lug a very heavy bag of soil back to the mission house, for the vegetable garden. At that point Mohammed and Edward arrive from IRINGA. More supplies were brought to repair the sinks. Finally the sink is fixed.
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