DSC02898Since it was a public Holiday and all the children were away, Stephen arranged for us to help him and his wife sheeba to cover the Earth box , and clean the library in Seams Children Center. We spent the whole morning there and we finished covering and watering the plants and cleaned and organised half of the library. The group did a great job in organising the books by genre as well as emptying out and cleaning the library.

For Lunch, Stephen invited us to his parents house and it was so great to meet his family. We were very excited to meet all of his family. They were so gracious, hospitable and welcoming and it was definitely one of the highlights in Chennai.The food was delicious and they were very generous to cook different dishes. We had wonderful discussions and we got the chance to DSC02836explain to them our culture and more about our country, the United Arab Emirates.Then we went to visit Stephen’s brother’s new house where we met his wife and two kids. We really got the chance to explore the sense of community in Chennai and the similarities to the close knit communities and families back home.

In the afternoon, we went to back to the Children center and we completed cleaning the library. Finally we had the library clean and organised for us to use :). We got to meet some of the children who came back a day early, Vavidal, a young polite boy helped us clean the library. Whilst, Vinitha and Swathy two beautiful girls from the children’s center, offered to paint henna on our hands and taught us the art of kollam, chalk art.

It was a full day where we worked hard, enjoyed lunch and met Stephen’s Family


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