You might expect that our English classes at the Community Center on Day Five would be routine. No – every class has its surprises with new students and endearing returnees. Randy, Lou and Marietta introduced our classes to “This Little Light of Mine.” It brought smiles all around. Glenda got all of us moving and dancing in the evening opening circle with a round of “A-Tooty-Ta”.

The gardeners (now called farmers) were visited by the City’s Chief Supervisor of Farms. He presides over all farms. He was pleased by their work and delighted by their presence. Each day fresh mud adorns the shoes of our gardeners, left at the doors of their rooms. Some of us non-gardeners long to see their work and meet their Cuban companions who keep their morning project light-hearted.

The construction crew continues to accomplish amazing feats, using the methods of the pyramid builders – a bucket and rope-pull to hoist cement ingredients to the current top floor of the Church, where space is being created for a hot water heater.

New acquaintances at every turn celebrate with us – Americans’ first opportunity to work in Ciego de Avila. The doorman supervising the line at the bank has a father in Wyoming. The handcrafter at the open-air market speaks remarkable English, and yes, he and his 19- year-old daughter “would love to come tonight to the English class.”  -Marietta

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