Today marked our second day at Childcare Center 1 in Calderón. We began the day with a review of our team goals and were unanimous in confirming our efforts to achieve them. The team is in sync and working smoothly despite some health interruptions. Maggie is a marvelous leader and is always available to guide, support, and keep us safe. Kay and Sue are working their magic with the preschoolers. Their extensive professional backgrounds, skills, and flexibility are quite amazing.

I am thoroughly enjoying working alongside Tía Norma. She is kind, patient, and so very sweet with “her” babies. She expresses her gratitude to me often, which makes me feel needed. I am definitively in my element with the babies. I already dearly love each and every one of them. I find it so intriguing how someone who is a total stranger becomes a “mother” figure in a matter of moments. I’ve always believed babies are very intuitive. They can sense genuine affection and love and will spontaneously respond to gentle touch or a simple smile. It will break my heart to say goodbye on Friday and leave those dear babies behind. My memories, however, will live on forever.

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