Ipalamwa Tanzania

Ipalamwa, Tanzania is a small rural village of about 5,000 in the highest highlands of the Iringa District. It’s literally at the “end of the road.” And, what a road it is!  From here, it seems you can see all the way to the end of the Earth. Indeed, the clear, vast perspective from Ipalamwa reveals the Earth’s curvature on the distant horizon – unobscured by pollution or urban construction. Clear vision. Clear intention.

A distinct clarity of perspective is also evident inside this enterprising community, which has become the nexus of our most ambitious program on the African continent. The Tanzania Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) Demonstration Program is setting the standard for essential service delivery to children and families – with the goal of eliminating childhood stunting within the Iringa District. At the point of success, more communities will be engaged to replicate the RCP model throughout the country.

Ipalamwa Tanzania

Reaching Children’s Potential (RCP) projects engage volunteers of all backgrounds and students of all ages.

Reaching Children’s Potential in Ipalamwa, Tanzania

With the program launch this year, a beehive energized professionals, generalists, retirees, students, faculty and families from across North America. Volunteers are mobilized on a wide range of service projects:

  • Demonstrating proper hand washing with soap and water
  • Teaching breast feeding, prenatal nutrition and fitness during pregnancy
  • Engaging preschool children in learning activities and teaching classroom subjects to primary and secondary school students
  • Providing baby stimulation and psychosocial support at caregiver home visits
  • Teaching health education, hygiene and disease prevention to families
  • Helping local tradesmen with light labor and construction
  • And more, depending upon monthly needs

We’re committed to sustaining these projects for decades, and we rely on everyone’s participation – yours and those you recruit to join you. Building on the outcomes of our five-year demonstration project in St. Lucia, and over three decades of engaging some 33,000 volunteers worldwide, we know eliminating stunting is possible. Learn more about the goals of the RCP program and the details of serving in Ipalamwa here.

You’re needed! Chat online with a Volunteer Coordinator to learn more about helping in Ipalamwa.

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