Is it only Thursday?   Each of us is building our own student ‘clientele, ‘ people of all ages with varying English competency. Conversation, discussion, information sharing – all are means to develop the students’ English language and enhance our own appreciation of the richness of Italy, Puglia and the true Monopolitani.
Some students are business professionals and they continue to impress us with their dedication and enthusiasm.  They have their own reasons for wanting to learn English:
  • to “go out into the world, “
  • to assist their professional ambitions and travel aspirations or
  •  to understand the relationship between English and Italian language and their Latin origins. Regardless, we agree the common purpose is to communicate effectively.
 There is a labor of love requiring genuine commitment to reach their desired outcome.  The learning of a new language places physical demands on the teacher as much as students.
So we pace our lessons accordingly. But the students lead the lessons and the teacher becomes facilitator. For me this is very satisfying and validates my own commitment to support and encourage my protégée.
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