Morning Message by Robin: “The days pass by slowly, but the years pass by fast.”

The hours of a day may pass by slowly, always wishing to be somewhere else, worry about what still remains to be done.  Suddenly, one morning you awake and wonder where the years have gone.  Please remember to use the hours of the day to its fullest and to be present and mindful of each moment in the day.  The days will not seem so slow.  Do not consume your days of worries of tomorrows…somehow things always have a way of working out.

Journal by Bonnie

Started the day with our daily meeting led by Ginny at 8:00 a.m. in the kitchen.  From there we walked to the Blackfeet Community College to meet with those different groups who were going to need our assistance this week.  From there, we pretty much scattered to our different work assignments.  Most of us gathered again for lunch at noon eating the wonderful leftovers from past meals.  Our work assignments were as follows:

  • Mary – helped to deliver Meals on Wheels to approximately 80 homes.  This was extremely enjoyable for Mary and then she helped to clean up at the Eagle Shield.
  • Eric and Katelyn – worked with Manpower Organization.  They helped a 72-year-old disabled vet to clean up his yard and cut back weeds.  He was very grateful for their help in sweltering hot weather.
  • Mark, Jody, Karen and Kate – were assigned to help with the gardening project.  Jody and Mark who had been with Global Volunteers here at Montana previously were extremely disappointed to see the amount of plants that had died due to lack of care.  Plus, I must mention that they were in a greenhouse, which was “hotter than hot”.
  • Ally – assisted the college registrar, Deena, for the day helping to pack up her office due to construction that was about to take place.  She was so well liked that she was asked to help out the whole week.
  • Eileen – spent the day with the Community Development Corp. and loved it so much she is going back tomorrow.  She helped brainstorm ideas for a college financial literacy program.
  • Gail – spent the day at the college library updating computer inventory to the stacks of books.
  • Robin – started the day doing research on Bud Connelly, a famous rodeo champion who will be honored soon.  He is now elderly and blind.
  • Barbara, Lorraine, Kathy, Robin and myself– stayed at the Head Start building helping to construct the Head Start float for the Indian Days Parade.  We spent all day making tissue flowers to be part of the skirt of the float.  We made approximately 8254 flowers!?!  Others joined as they completed their other projects.  Unfortunately, most of us will miss the parade which will be held Saturday morning.  We are certain this float will take “first place.”

Again, we scattered in different directions for the evening activities.  The sweat lodge was enjoyed by a few, even including our faithful leader – Ginny.  This activity included a late night dinner.  The rest of us enjoyed dinner at the Eagle Shield.  From there, a group of us went on a trip of our lifetime up the Going to the Sun Road.  This was Deana from the college who volunteered to escort us on the drive.  Most of us are now convinced that Glacier National Park is even better than Yellowstone!  It was unbelievable – even walked in the snow and wished we had our jackets.

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