This morning we awoke early (some earlier than others – Sheena at 3 am) and shared a delicious breakfast prepared for us at the hostel. I have never had a French Toast with peanut butter passion fruit jam, but it was exceptional. Mohammed took us all to meet the secretary general of the Lutheran diocese. We took a picture of the market got yelled at for some reason, but it’s ok cause we still got the pictures. Its hard to know what is considered acceptable or appropriate to the people here, so we are still trying to learn how to avoid offending anyone. Iringa was a great town. We found it interesting how differently everyone here dresses , from business suits, to traditional Masai and dresses , and even the occasional barka, everything seems like appropriate clothing. Sheena and I are also stricken by how polite the men have been in Africa. Many other cultures in the Caribbean or central America are notorious for the men’s’ over the top suggestiveness towards women, especially visitors, but not in Africa. Everyone is impressed by the kindness, politeness which put us at ease. I am so impressed by the people here in Tanzania. After a yummy lunch of Hastily Tasty we left for Pommern with mama Toni as a new addition. The nearly 2 hour drive was nothing short of spectacular. The red dirt road contrasted shapely, with bright greenery apparent with mud huts of thatched roofs dotting the country side. After bouncing along the bumpy road, singing us into a state of contentment and happiness, we arrived at the old mission house that will be our home. We were almost speechless by the beauty of the setting in which we get to spend his week of our lives. It us so much more than I even imagined it would be. The building is huge and quite homey. After choosing bedrooms, Mohammed led all of us on street through the village, which was beautiful. The people seem welcoming, the children especially when they wave at us. On our way back we practiced some Swahili words. Mama Ton had a delicious dinner ready for us, which we enjoy by candlelight and headlamps since the power wouldn’t work, but we didn’t mind one bit. Its already very apparent that the time here in Pommen will be something indiscernible and not comparable to anything else were even expected.
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