Evan Boido, 11 time Romania Global Volunteer, explains how difficult it is to say goodbye to the children – even after practicing 10 times before.

As with my 10 previous Romania programs, today was a bit sad saying goodbye to the children. It reminds me why I always come back – because I miss those little faces and voices and most of the antics.

Speaking of antics, these are today’s:

  • Sarah (other volunteer) has an Iphone. She took a picture of Delia, and when Delia looked at it she tried to swipe it (see video below).
  • Luciana had a picture of herself and put it to her ear and pretended to make a phone call.
  • Ionut grabbed my phone and tried to have a conversation with Siri. When he heard the voice, he said, “ce fac?” (How are you?)
  • Ionut and Luciana were sitting next to each other eating their soup.
  • Luciana was trying to feed herself with mixed success.
  • Ionut reached over and was trying to take spoonfuls from her bowl.  Ionut has learned when the aides eat their meals and know when to go in and cadge some snacks.
  • Delia finds someone who will be at her beck-and-call. Thank goodness for her strong personality. If anyone can overcome challenges, she can!
  • Luciana rocked out to “yo gabba gabba.” Elena likes it too.
  • Carmen was babbling today, which has happened just a few times. She seemed a bit more alert.

It was an amazing day.


Most adorable video ever!  See Delia “kiss” the puppy on the smart phone!

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