A poster with Lei Feng's portrait in a local bus in Xi'an says "To achieve self-growth by serving others; To gain happiness by helping others."

A poster with Lei Feng’s portrait in a local bus in Xi’an says “To achieve self-growth by serving others; To gain happiness by helping others.”

March 5th marks the 51st anniversary of the death of Lei Feng. Lei Feng, a young Chinese soldier in the 1960s, is known for devoting his spare time and money to helping the needy. Lei died after being hit by a falling pole while helping a fellow soldier direct a truck on Aug. 15, 1962. A year later, Chairman Mao called on the nation to follow Lei’s example, and March 5 of every year is designated “Learn From Lei Feng Day.” Now, March has become the “Learn From Lei Feng” month.

We think of the thousands of Global Volunteers who served our teachers and students in China with their English learning. You are foreign Lei Feng! We miss you so much!

If you are a drop of water,

have you moistened the earth?

 If you are a ray of sunshine,

have you lit up the darkness?

If you are a single grain,

have you nurtured the human bein

If you are the smallest screw,

will you always stay where you are?

If you want to indoctrinate,

are you preaching day and night?

Since you are alive,

have you tried your best to make the world

a better place for your descendants?

May I ask you that,

what do you bring to the world?

 For life, we should not only demand.

                                                                 — Lei Feng Diary Selected, June 7, 1958

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