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“Every day God gives us the sun- and also one moment in which we have the ability to change everything.”  – Phillip Cole

We aren't just posing,  we are REALLY having a great time!

We aren’t just posing, we are REALLY having a great time!

Today was Romania’s National Love Day and the start of our second and final week of service.  The sadness that this extraordinary adventure would soon come to an end began to quietly creep in.  But it was quickly replaced with joy when we saw those beautiful, smiling faces of the children we’ve grown to love.

The day began much like all the others- waking the kids and changing diapers; then breakfast.  It is such a delightful experience watching these children learn and grow in their own individual way. Some of the kids choose to taste each and every item while others want to touch and feel the textures that make up their world.  But they are each as smart as they are unique, and learning seems to come rather quickly.  The social skills of these children are also very distinct.  Each one adjusts every day to new challenges as best as he or she knows how- as we all do.  And when a child ventures out of his comfort zone to reach out to those around him and finds acceptance, it is nothing short of awesome!  I have left each day with a heaviness wishing there was more I could do for such precious gifts.  However, I know that this is just the beginning of a life-long adventure.

National Love Day in Romania has a tradition, and according to this tradition, a girl is to place a flower under her pillow and the boy she dreams about this night is the one she will spend her life with. In keeping with tradition, for Love Day, I went out and bought some flowers for Mandy.  She was not feeling well this afternoon.  I thought that flowers would cheer her up and knew that she has been wanting to participate a local tradition.  Little did I know that the number of roses I purchased was significant in the event of the passing of a loved one!  If you should ever doubt, always buy one more!
– LeeAnn

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