This morning my alarm goes off as usual at 7:00 a.m I really don’t want to get out of bed immediately, but there is some big chunky bug crawling on the floor in front of my bed.. I get up, put my shoes on and step on the critter. Snap ., crack, pop and that‘ll teach it a lesson . I go to the bathroom to wash up, but no water comes out . The village has a serious crises, no water, so after breakfast , the hunt is on, to find where or where the break may be. We seem to wander aimlessly  Doesn’t anybody mark where the pipe runs underground?Half the village is out looking for the leak. Some of the students are excused from school to assist in the search. This could be tougher than seeking out the legendary hyrax. Finally the brake is found close to the water fall. The pipe is reconnected and all should be well. Nope! Somehow they forget to redirect the water to the secondary school. At 4:00 Harman drives down from the secondary school to find out what happened. After a large conference, a valve is turned and the school has water.At 1:00 in the afternoon I teach my final class of geography. Today for every important English term, I also translate the word into Swahili. It really seemed to help the kids. I told the kids “Good show”and they repeat “Good show”. Then the rest of the day I relaxed , finished reading my book, did a little geography.

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