What does the digital number 3 look like? The teacher asked the children. “An ear!”they all shouted.  As I walked by a school this morning, I heard the shouting from the students. Then a student’s loud voice reading a long article about the Ear Care Day and the knowledge of ear protection was broadcasted to the whole camopus. Uh, March 3, two 3s,  is perfect to be the Ear Care Day to remind us the importance of our two ears.

In China, the National Ear Care Day was initiated in 2000 and observed annually annually in order for expanding ear care awareness and preventing deafness in China. School, communities and organizations carry out activities for promoting ear and hearing care. This year, the theme of the China’s Ear Care Day is “Love & Care your ears for healthy hearing”.

In 2013, WHO set March 3 as the International Ear and Hearing Care day to raise the global awareness to the fact that hearing loss is the most prevalent sensory disability worldwide and is increasing but a lot can be done to prevent it.

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