Friday was the last day for 5 of our group. Kristie’s week at the library concluded with gifts, hugs, tea, cake, photos and a request to come back. Peter and Trudy observed athletics day and a show about whales put on by the Juniors which included “We all live in a yellow submarine”.  Barbara and Yuri also got gifts and cards, had dancing & singing, and a highlight for Yuri was being able to ride to school on the back of a truck. Fran also got to have a ride on the back of a bike by Engia the principal. Fran, and Carol enjoyed the junior kids assembly. Joyce had a half a day and met Kristie at Trader Jacks for lunch. Yolanda did the cross island walk with Pa.
Hilary Clinton at Tamarind House
We all got dressed up for our farewell dinner at the Tamarind House, took a group photo and tucked into our delicious entrees, mains and desserts. A surprise was in store for us. One of Debis and James’ friends who was waitressing for a special guest and her party, mentioned to the PA of the special guest that there were some fellow countrymen who were volunteers from the States. Our table was approached by the PA and Joyce took the initiative to talk to her and tell her a little about who we were. The PA said that she would mention us to Hilary Clinton and from that mention we were advised that we could stop by and meet with the secretary of state. So that is what we did. Hilary was very gracious to us and shook hands with us all and chatted briefly with the team, then suggested that we have a photo together. She was very calm and relaxed and it was a treat for us all to spend a few moments with her.
Saturday dawned beautiful but rain was to come. Some attended the market while Yolanda splashed out on a day trip to Aitutaki. In the Afternoon a group of the team attended Te Vara Nui Cultural experience. It included a history lecture, a medicine hut, sacred stones, a talk about fishing and fish nets, a costume hut and coconut demonstrations. 2 stayed on for dinner and the rest returned to pack and our last catered dinner. As 5 leave us, four remain for the last week.
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