My experience of my first day is Cuba is what I will be sharing… my thoughts, feelings, judgments.  I KNOW that I can easily focus on the details (Varying room temperature, food surprises, loud noises at 3 am, lukewarm coffee, unrelenting heat) or I can experience the “Gestalt” (or, the whole) of this time here. So I am choosing to stay open and experience everything in an ACCEPTING WAY.   My open experiences today are:

  1. Approaching each person who makes eye contact with a smile and a “buen dia”
  2. Appreciating interesting things about every person on the team
  3. Embracing the numerous new things I am learning about Cuba
  4. Absorbing the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Cuba

So, with an open heart and willingness to approach, appreciate, embrace and absorb each experience, I say “Hola Cuba! Estoy tan feliz estar aqui !”


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