Our last day at Reymontowka

Our day at Reymontowka Manor started as our campers preparing for the evening’s performance. Each volunteer teacher spent every possible moment reviewing their presentation. Each volunteer was so proud of their group and wanted to support the campers as much as possible.

The third hour of the morning was a presentation by Veronica and Sasha from Belarus. There are many older historical buildings including St Sophia’s church in their country. One  interesting fact was that one street has kerosene lamps that are lighted by hand each night. People come by to touch this man for good luck. The campers were given prizes when they answered questions correctly from the presentation. The volunteers then joined with the children singing for the next hour.. English songs and Polish traditional songs. After lunch, we all started packing and completing all the questionnaires about our experience here. At 18:00, the  presentation began. The children were dancing and speaking English parts to songs and drama with skill and confidence. We volunteers were able to meet the parents and appreciated the opportunity to be a part of this camp. We all wish we could be back next year to share in the children’s growth and experience of learning about our American culture. We all have a new appreciation for the country’s hard working and honest people whose rich heritage we explored in these two weeks.


 Journal by Jan
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