Pongal O Pongal

Pongal is the Harvest festival celebrated in the state of Tamilnadu and also by the Tamil people from all around the world. The festival is celebrated in the month of January for 4 days between January 14th – January 17th. It is mostly celebrated in the villages in Tamil Nadu where the farmers want to thank god for a good harvest. Pongal O Pongal!

During the 4 days of celebration. The first day is called Bhogi, where people burn all the old things to start everything new on the Pongal Day. On the Pongal day which falls on January 15th, people give thanks to surya the sun god by cooking pots of rice which jaggery, the dish is also called pongal and when the pots overflow, people shout Pongal O Pongal that is has been a good harvest. The third day is Maatu Pongal, where people thank the cows and bulls who have helped the farmers with the good harvest. The horns of the bulls and cows are painted and decorated with bells and are fed with good food. The last day is called Kannum Pongal where people visit their friends and family to wish them Happy Pongal.

Pongal O Pongal

Bull represented in a Kolam for Pongal festivities in India.

Being one of the biggest festivals of the Tamil People. Everyone dressed up in new clothes and they exchange sweets and gifts with their friends and family. Many people do visit temples to thank their gods for giving them a good harvest and the year to come be a prosperous year.

Jallikattu is celebrated by the men to show their valor during the Pongal festival. Jallikattu is called Bull fight or Taming the Bull. All the men get into the arena specially set up for Jallikattu. Bulls one by one is left out into the arena and they have a prize money on their horns. So anyone who is daring can go and take it. Every year hundreds of men get injured and sometimes a few men also die.

Happy Pongal – Pongal O Pongal!

Pongal O Pongal

Kolam competition duting Pongal celebrations in India.


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