Student Volunteer Abroad Reviews

Life-changing. Meaningful. A gift. Best week of my life. Unforgettable. These are some descriptions directly from student volunteer abroad reviews about Global Volunteering. In just a few weeks, you gain global experience and understanding through genuine community development work. Hear from the students themselves…

Speaking from experience…

Sara’s Review – India Global Volunteer

“I realized how my contribution made up a piece of the relationship between the United States and India … and how, when combined with other (volunteers) it’s very influential. This experience gave me a unique and unparalleled educational growth, especially at such a formative point in my life. It definitely will affect my future career plans.” Contact us for Sara’s contact information.

Michael’s Review – Cuba Global Volunteer

“I went to Cuba and it was 100 times better than you will ever believe. Do it – automatically, without a doubt, do it. It is the most life-changing thing you can do, and it just shifts your whole understanding of the world.” Contact us for Michael’s contact information.

Discover yourself!

Student volunteer abroad review for India

Dana’s Review – Tanzania Global Volunteer

“The program allowed me to re-assess what’s truly important. I taught children who barely had clothes covering their bodies who were happy and laughing. Their smiles were the largest things about them. A warm smile truly transcends any language barriers and creates memories that linger long after the experience has ended.” Contact us for Dana’s contact information.

Ally’s Review – Montana Global Volunteer

“It was one of the best weeks of my life. I really enjoyed learning about the Blackfeet culture and getting to know the people. I was happy to help out in the community wherever I was needed, and could not have asked for a better team. I hope to participate in more Global Volunteers trips in my future. My program was amazing!” Contact us for Ally’s contact information.

Chelsea’s Review – Ecuador Global Volunteer

“I would tell people who may be considering this opportunity to jump in head first. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I truly believe that the children and Tia’s in Ecuador made far more of an impact on me than I can even imagine I could have possibly had on them.” Contact us for Chelsea’s contact information.

Stop dreaming. Start going!

Student volunteer abroad reviews for Ecuador

The time is now. Grab friends, family or classmates, and prepare yourself for a life-changing volunteer adventure. Read more here why you should volunteer abroad in college. Then, chat online with a Volunteer Coordinator to get started! We’re ready to answer your questions.

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