Message of the day: “Whatever you do may seem insignificant, but it is most important that you do it.”-Mahatma Gandhi. Shared by Amanda.

Wednesday morning we had a beautiful breakfast which included what is called in Poland, omelet. To us it looked like a folded pancake with jam inside. We spend time every morning during breakfast discussing our experiences and reviewing the previous day’s activities before beginning the classes for the day.

On this day we all held our classes as usual, but some were moved inside due to a few sprinkles of rain. Our fourth hour lesson was combined. We enjoyed teaching the students some new number games. It is wonderful to watch the students interact as one big group and to see how competitive a game of Capture the Club can become.
We had a wonderful obiad of pork, mushrooms, onions, and potatoes. During obiad we volunteers discussed the activities that worked well during the morning session. Vanessa said that her students enjoyed a game of Food Jingo. Lori mentioned that the ice cream menu sign was a good way to get the students to learn numbers and express prices. Megan had good luck with Go Fish.  Amanda had her students pretend they were at McDonald’s and they practiced saying their orders in English. Shelby’s class enjoyed Scrabble and charades. Amy’s class enjoyed happy hands and Shape and Color Bingo. The class taught by Joanna, Mark, and Jordan are having fun learning the ABC song.
After obiad everyone dispersed to rest for a bit. Then the UCM group practiced a dance routine for the talent show. Jordan and Mark played a soccer game with their students, which the students really loved.
We had another delicious evening meal which included a Hungarian dish, leczo and Polish donuts, pączki. Joanna graciously shared a type of kielbasa and also Milk in a Tube. Both were wonderful.
Then it was time for the Talent Show. There were many good acts from the students. There was singing, dancing, and other talents displayed.

The UCM dance group was a success performing a dance to “All the Single Ladies” and was even asked to do an encore.

After the talent show the volunteers collaborated together to finish working on lesson plans for Thursday. We also shared many stories and laughs together. I am glad to have such a great team to share this experience with!
Journal prepared by Erica
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