Ciao de Italia!

Sunday, our orientation day began with two surprises. First, our team member from Calgary, was celebrating her ?? birthday. What better way to spend a birthday – in Italy.  Our second surprise was a breakfast appearance from the lovely Rita, our Italy country host and teacher extraordinaire.  She had a third surprise for us……our first day of volunteering tomorrow will also be the first day back to school for the students!  Extra challenge!  Bring it on, we are ready!

Our team of seven flexible, punctual, respectful, fun-loving, patient,  sensitive, and of course, beautiful women breezed through our orientation meeting.

Fascinating and interesting introductions were followed by goal setting and Phyllis,  our team leader shared useful information on Puglia and the customs of the area.  Only one day, and it feels like we are coming together as a strong team.


Buon Compleanno A Te!

Our evening was topped off with a birthday celebration for a Canadian team member – one year older and better.

Penned by KK

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