One of the many beautiful murals at Muraleando

Tangible poetry: That is what the artists who work there call Muraleando. Our morning began at the “neighborhood of art”. The community was there – the neighbors, the residents – filled the streets as they were enjoying a street fair. Children were dancing, musicians performing. This was a first for me to see this artist community in action.

I was also able to see new things added to the streets: New murals, new sculptures, cleaner streets and corners were trash once collected , now

New room at Mureleando dedicated for children’s ceramic making

gone.  I also got to meet a few artists from Canada and Germany who come to Muraleando and teach or create art.

The sun was setting over the Malacón and ocean as we drove back to the hotel for the night. It was a very peaceful scene as I reflected on my day. There is so much that happens here, it is sometimes hard to take it all in. A moment of introspection was needed and the bus was very quiet, thinking others were trying to take it all in too. I love seeing Havana in the evening as the street lights come on, as the people come out to socialize. The air becomes a little cooler, a welcome from the heat and humidity.