Anna,  a student from Xi'an Biomedical Technical College,  a community partner of Global Volunteers in Xi'an

Anna, a student from Xi’an Biomedical Technical College, a community partner of Global Volunteers in Xi’an

Anna is a sophomore student in Xi’an Biomedical Technical College. She majors in Medicine Making but loves English and translation very much. She gets excited each time when Global Volunteers goes to her school and takes all possible opportunities to learn from and practice speaking English with the volunteers. Recently, she won the second prize in Shaanxi Professional English Contest. She said it was the many Global Volunteers who taught her gave her the courage and confidence so she can keep her interest in learning English.

Dear volunteers,

I am very glad to share my feelings here by this letter. It is difficult for me to forget the time we spent together. Just like it happened yesterday, you tried to use simple sentences in your class to communicate with us to make us understand what you said and explained. Even though, that works not easily! As you know, there is no learning environment on the campus for us to manage English – a foreign language while everybody knows it is a useful tool nowadays. So, it shows the significance of your coming here. I still remember your bright smile and warm voice while teaching in your class. Not only did we know more about your culture, but also we learned how to express our thoughts and ideas about life and the value of the world. You always encourage us patiently about speaking out our own ideas. I would like to extend our deep thanks for all the effort you took!

Best wishes to you, we will be grateful if more of you come to my school. I can not wait for that coming day! And you?


Xi’an Biomedical Technical College

March 26, 2014

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