The day started off with breakfast, and everyone learned about Davone and Chris´ intriguing training diet. Breakfast was similar to an American breakfast plus rice and beans. The simple Spanish lesson learned during will be helpful in the next two weeks. Before lunch, we were all given time to pack-up our bags for departure from the Orquideas Inn. We started our trek up to St. Elena around 1 PM, and the views were amazing. Most of the mountain roads were close to very steep drop-offs and were quite narrow as well. We took two breaks, plus a break for pictures during the trip. I would not want to drive up the mountains, but rather hire a driver instead.

We arrived at the hotel around 4:30 PM, and had free time until dinner. Davone and Chris chose to workout for a short time. I (Bobby) chose to check out the downtown main street, and Kirk and Kathy chose to do the same. The main street has a few souvenir shops and at least one restaurant. The time spent here in St. Elena will be a welcome change of culture. Dinner was mucho delicioso, and included steak, enchilada type thing, local vegetable bathed in oil or butter, and ended with chocolate cake. After dinner, the crew is now aware that our host can cook very well!!

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