A simple accident of birth has given me a life which has included all the opportunities available to male Caucasions in the U.S. to improve our station in life, to enjoy good health, obtain good education and acquire a satisfactory standard of living during our working years.

In my lifetime, I’ve witnessed the world progressing from a collection of cultures, each going along at its own pace, to a troubled world communtiy which will eventually have to accept the fact that we’re one people sharing the abundance of this planet called Earth. Not in my lifetime, but surely a reality which can be achieved. It’s because of these beliefs that I feel I should attempt to give back or share with others which was given to me by this simple accident of birth.

I’ve served in over 10 countries with Global Volunteers. Some of these were somewhat affluent, but most were considered disadvantaged when compared to the U.S. I’ve realized great personal satisfaction by serving others and seeing measurable progress toward the host country’s goals. I sincerely hope that my small efforts will lend themselves to the realization of world peace and progress for the betterment of all.

– Bill Gibbs, frequent volunteer from Oregon

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