I am now back in the States after another fulfilling trip to Tutova. It was just over 24 hours ago that I was saying goodbye to the kids, my new friends (both human and canine) and Romania. In our last week, Spring had sprung in the countryside. Flowers and trees were budding, the days warmer. Three weeks seems so long at the beginning and so short at the end. I am already missing Andreea’s twinkling eyes and smile, being charmed by the new babies, Sami’s outrageous faces and walk (dead-on impression of Frankenstein) and Cristi’s funny vocalizations….gung-gadong, gung-gadong, gung-gadong.

My teammate, Laura, wrote this in our daily journal.

“I would like to thank the babies of Tutova. We’ve talked about how sad and difficult their lives are (and this is true) but in many ways, they’ve already done more to impact the world than many people ever will. These babies unite strangers from all over the world with different life experiences, religions, political views. The babies have opened our hearts to love more, understand more and to do more. So thank you to all the babies of Tutova- past and present. The world is a better place because you exist.”

I couldn’t have said it any better.

I will see you soon, Romania!


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