Italy Spain Germany & U.S.A.   Cake for All!

Today exchange students Granada, Spain and Munich, Germany partied and   shared tearful goodbyes with their Italian counterparts.  They return home after a whirlwind week of visiting Puglia. We were for fortunate to meet some of them and were impressed with the spirit of love and cooperation between students and teachers.  But this festa ended our long very day.  Our morning began with a lovely breakfast followed by a brief photo session with our own Phyllis Thompson Leibowitz.

Some were fortunate witness “Romeo & Juliet. The  students only had a few days to prepare, yet the performance was quite good. More importantly, they seemed to totally enjoy the process. I continue to be impressed and inspired by the supportive, loving relationship they have with each other.

The morning continued with various exercises in different classrooms – preparing for final exams, discussion of post-graduation plans and concerns and sentence construction.  At noon, we all gathered in the teachers’ lounge and then back to the hotel for orecchiette con chima d’ rape…. Finally!

Penned by Patti

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