IMG_2484Today started the usual way a real yearning to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. But what would the Galileo Galilei students do without us or, more to the point, how could I think of missing a day and not see all those smiling eager faces? So, off to breakfast, our morning meeting and another day at school.IMGs_2405

The sleepy start morphed into a great day. Today we realized that our presence here was really meaningful to our students. One of our classes honored us by singing the Star Spangled Banner complete with a second verse that we never knew existed. The many student smart phone selfies and the emotional good byes sent a powerful message about our importance to our students.

IMG_2615The entrancing flutist solo given for our benefit by a pretty young student was memorable. Margaret’s wonderful violin accompaniment added another link to the chain that binds Global Volunteers with the students of Galileo Galilei.

Returning to Il Vecchio Mulino for a quick lunch and meeting, it saddened us to know that this was Team 187’s last group meeting. What a great team, what great people and so many new friends!!!

Teaching our final class at San Francesco da Paola was more of the same – student gifts, heartfelt thank yous and good byes resulting in some very moist eyes.

IMG_2648At dinner we were fortunate to dine with Bud Philbrook, the driving force behind Global Volunteers. Bud had our full attention as he described Global Volunteers projects around the world and the real difference its volunteers are making in many countries. Of particular interest was Global Volunteers work in St Lucia in the West Indies where volunteers are striving to overcome a legacy of poor nutrition and infectious diseases.

This great day finally drew to a close with a large slice of irresistibly good tiramisu.IMG_1788

Penned by Roger

Thought of the Day

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.

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